21. What Happens to a Black Man Shot by Police? (31 pp.)

This is Post No. 20 rewritten from the perspective described in the title in an unsuccessful effort to get it published. Shorter, no footnotes. Click here:


20. The Life of a Trial Lawyer (Through the Prism of One Indelible Case) (40 pp.)

The title speaks for itself. I’m publishing it here because it’s too short for a book and too long for a magazine article (plus there are footnotes!).

If you’re ever faced with serious litigation I think it would be worth reading ahead of time; or if you’re a law student thinking of a litigation career.  Most of my legal, judicial, and other friends have found it poignant and fascinating.  Click here:


A shorter version, rewritten from a different perspective, appears as Post No. 21.

Protected: 19. “The Legal Process” Outline (9 pp.)

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