30. Charmin? (Video 0:24)

Do you think this about covers President Trump? Be sure your sound is on, then click the “Play” arrow:

29. Covid Commercials (Video 1:02)

A lighter touch for Covid: I obtained a stop-motion app on my iPhone in the Spring of 2020. This is one of my creations. Be sure your sound is on, then click the “Play” arrow:

28. Stools & Straight Lines (5 pp.)

More on Covid, but as a symptom of a currently ineffective federal government.  It is therefore unavoidably critical of Trump and his enabling Republicans:


27. Covid Economic Recovery (3 pp.)

As in Post No. 26, I was also moved in April to reflect, this time, upon appropriate economic recovery post-Covid:


26. Covid Humanity (1 p.)

In April I was moved to ruminate upon humanity’s reactions, and my own, to the Covid pandemic:


25. Patriotism (3 pp.)

I was asked to speak at a Presidents Day party/celebration, for less than 10 minutes, on the subject of patriotism. Here are the results:


24. Washington Experience is Unique (31 pp.)

To read much of my, and my family’s, adventures of living, working, and volunteering in the Washington, D.C. area from 1962 to 2018, click here: