10. Reapportionment (6 pp.)

To view my 1966 article on reapportionment, click here:


This was an article written for other lawyers, and may be tough going for nonlawyers. But I think it had a significant impact. See 14. Advice for a Graduating Law Student, also on this website, § 5, for background about this article.

9. A Fun Case About Authorization to Perform Marriages (19 pp.)

To see a 1981 fun case for me to investigate, and then write about, click here:


Be sure to read footnotes 6 and 7.

8. Sample Civil Pleadings (5 pp.)

To see sample pleadings in a civil case, click here:


7. An Application of the Exclusionary Rule (3 pp.)

To see a 1981 opinion I wrote applying the exclusionary rule, click here:


5. A Pregnant Cocaine Addict (5 pp.)

To read a 1988 Washington Post article that led to national publicity, and my resulting opinion that summarizes a lot about the criminal law and sentencing, click here: